Timeline for the End of Season 10/Beginning of Season 11

November 11th

  • Blizzard CMs announce the schedule for ending season 10 and beginning season 11.
  • Many PvPers will use this time to grind Honor for next season, including “banking” Honor in Justice
  • Head and shoulder enchants for next season’s can be purchased now
  • Expect high prices on red gems, orange resilience gems, leg enchants and possible enchants after Season 11 begins, stock up now!

November 29th
Season 10 Ends

  • Current PvP Season 10 ends – arena and rated battlegrounds are suspended; regular battlegrounds and Tol Barad continue as usual
  • Conquest points become temporarily unobtainable and are removed from the Valor vendor
  • Existing Conquest points are downgraded to Honor points
  • Blizzard has not announced definite plans for the inter-season Honor cap (next three bullets). We know there was an implementation issue last patch with this.
  • POSSIBLE: Honor points in excess of a temporary 7,000 Honor cap are converted to gold at 35s/point
  • IF SO: If the player’s new Honor balance is between 4,000 and 7,000, they will not be able to earn additional Honor until it is brought below 4,000
  • ELSE: The existing cap remains and Honor points in excess of 4,000 honor cap are converted to gold at 35s/point
  • Blizzard begins process to calculate S10 PvP reward cut-offs, including auditing season results and nullify ratings of those found cheating
  • For the next week all previous Season Tier 1 items are available for purchase with honor. However, only weapons (including shields/offhands/relics) are worth purchasing.

December 6th
Patch 4.3 drops
Season 11 Begins

  • Existing Valor points are converted to Justice, and Justice Points over 4,000 are converted to gold (rated undisclosed)
  • Honor points in excess of the 4,000 Honor cap are converted to gold at 35s/point
  • All Team and Personal battleground ratings are wiped, hidden matchmaking ratings persist
  • Arena and Rated Battlegrounds are reopened; Season 11 gear becomes available at vendors
  • Season 10 titles and mounts are distributed

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